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This month The Knowit Group launched its groundbreaking...


May 8, 2017

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The Knowit Group Awards Its First CTR

July 26, 2017

This week The Knowit Groupawarded its first Certified Technical Recruiter designation to Joyce Wood, a well-respected member of the HR and Recruiting community with over thirty years of experience. We are honored that she participated in our courses and thrilled to have her as the first recipient of our certification. I had the opportunity to sit down with Joyce and hear her feedback on our Core IT training courses. Here’s what she had to say.


John: Video is one of the most, if not the most, compelling medium. But even so it can be difficult to hold an audience’s attention with a training video. Did you find this training to be engaging?


Joyce: Yes, I did. Whoever created the scripts did a good job of making it a story and using examples in an engaging way. That weaving of a story with analogies was captivating.


John: Right or wrong technology has a reputation of being a dry subject. In the past when I’ve tried to educate myself by reading things like networking manuals, my mind would wonder very quickly and I’d find I couldn’t recall anything I’d read for several pages. Did you have any trouble focusing on the material in these courses?


Joyce: Not at all. When you’re running your own business, there are lots of distractions. Likewise a day in the life of a recruiter has many distractions to deal with. Despite all the stuff going on around me, the video portion of the courses managed to hold my interest.


John: How did you feel about the level at which the material was covered and presented? Was it the right level for a non-technical audience?


Joyce: Absolutely! I thought it was right in the middle, not super technical and not too basic. I would like to have gotten more detail on a couple of subjects, like say security or cloud.


John:  Then you’ll be happy to know that our more advanced set of IT courses are in development now, and we’ll be covering those subjects and more at a higher level.


Joyce: Great! When they’re done I’d like to be your guinea pig for those, too.


John: What did you think of the quality of the video production?


Joyce: It was very good. I thought the video portion of the courses was smooth and very professional.


John: You’ve been working in technology companies for a long time. I’m sure you’ve picked up a lot. Do you feel you gained a significantly better understanding of the fundamentals of IT through this training?


Joyce: I know I did. When you’re on the job you rarely get a chance to talk about the basics of technology. Techies aren’t used to talking about technology at that level. And as a technical recruiter most of what you learn is from talking to technology people. This was a chance to soak all the basics in at once. One of the reasons I’m so confident that I learned is that when it came time to take the test I had total confidence I was ready for it. That’s a good indicator that you mastered the material.


John: Do you think people who are new to technical recruiting would benefit from this?


Joyce: They would get huge benefits out of this. It’s hard starting out and trying to learn about the technology on your own. It’s a very slow process. Trying to fit it all together and understand the relationships between all the moving parts and how they work together can take years, if you get there at all. I think your training would be invaluable to a new technical recruiter. The knowledge they gain in a short amount of time is a huge leap forward in their careers.


It was such a pleasure speaking with Joyce about her experience with our training. She is a top-notch professional and someone whose opinion and advice I value a great deal. Joyce was an HR and Recruiting leader at several well-known companies. She now runs her own recruiting practice in the DFW area. Her LinkedIn profile can be found at:

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